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How do I get information about the StormCon conference?
Contact Scott Nania, StormCon director
[email protected] • 805-679-7629 •

How do I get information about Forester University?
Contact Beth Tompkins, Director of Education & Training
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How do I contact SWANA?
SWANA, the Solid Waste Association of North America
301-585-2898 • Fax 301-589-7068 •

How do I contact IECA?
IECA, the International Erosion Control Association
970-879-3010 • Fax 970-879-8563 •

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[email protected]
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Forester Media Inc.
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Editor MSW Management • Grading & Excavation Contractor
John Trotti, group editor
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Editor Stormwater • Erosion Control
Janice Kaspersen
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Editor Business Energy • Water Efficiency • All One Water
Nancy Gross
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